OMF advised Finatem on the Sale of the Techno-Physik-Group

OMF provided legal and tax advice to Finatem on the sale of its portfolio company Techno-Physik Engineering GmbH, including its subsidiaries located, inter alia, in Slovenia and Austria, to Leonhard Moll AG.

Techno-Physik-Group is one of the world-leading system suppliers of high-quality thermal insulation and fire protection products for industrial applications in the shipbuilding and construction industry. In the area of vermiculite based products the group is the world's largest supplier.

In 2010, Techno-Physik-Group was taken over by Finatem and the company's management from the E.G.O. Blanc and Fischer-Group. Already then Finatem relied on the legal expertise of OMF.


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